Washi tape keyboard

Here’s what you’ll need:

Washi tape colors that complement each other
Scrap paper to make templates
Pen or pencil
Rubbing alcohol
Paper towel

Steps and hints:

  • When you pick out your washi tape, pick colors that go well with each other as well as tape that isn’t translucent.
  • Turn your laptop off and wipe down the keys with rubbing alcohol.
  • Turn on some tunes. You’ll be here awhile.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks!
  • Take a scrap piece of paper and place it over one of the keys.
  • Press down on the key with your finger, and with the other hand, trace the outline of the key with a pen or pencil. This is your key template.
  • The alphabet, numbers, and punctuation are all the same shape. You’ll have to make more template for all the other keys.
  • Place the scrap paper on the sticky side of your washi tape, and cut the tape around your template.
  • Carefully place the tape over your keys.
  • You want to ensure that no tape hangs over the keys, as it can collect dust and dirt over time.
  • It’s also annoying if you type and any pieces are sticking out.

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