Marbled nails

Painting your marble nails might just be easier than painting regular nails! Here are some easy steps with pics!

1. First, gather your materials- moisturiser, multiple nail polish colors (2-8), nail polish remover, q-tips, something to mix with (thumbtacks, toothpicks, or other similar objects), base coat, top coat, and a shallow bowl filled with water


2. Cover your fingers in the moisturiser (it’s easier to remove nail polish on the skin) and put on a base coat ( the nail polish sticks on better).

3.Load the nail polish brush with polish and drip one or two drops on the water create a thin film that will spread into a circle . Then, quickly aim another drop into the center of the first drop and repeat with all your colors. You will want to move fast because the films will dry fast and not work.



4. Take your mixing tool and gently swirl the colors.





5. Dip your fingers into the bowl. IMG_1713

It doesn’t matter if your fingers get covered





6.Take a q-tip and erase the polish that got on your skin






7. Apply a top coat









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